7 November 2017

Work with us: 2 Radiation Oncologists

Work with us: 2 Radiation Oncologists

UPMC Italy is issuing a call for applications for the following fixed-term positions: 2 Radiation Oncologists (Ref. RO UPMC/17 TD)

UPMC Italy is a company operating in the field of patient care, biomedical research and telemedicine. UPMC Italy also provides professional and operations management services and consulting to develop clinical and research activities. UPMC Italy offers professional opportunities in an international and multicultural setting within an advanced radiotherapy center. The Radiation Oncologist performs all medical (and relevant administrative) duties related to daily procedures: first visits, indication to radiation therapy, follow-up assessments and during treatments, centering, contouring and planning CT scans, care plan approval, CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) approval.


• Degree in Medicine and Surgery or equivalent title obtained from a foreign university (recognized in Italy).
• Postgraduate diploma in Radiotherapy recognized in Italy, or equivalent title.
• Enrollment in the professional board.

Preferred qualifications:

• Knowledge of Varian network and linear accelerators, including the ECLIPSE planning system.
• Knowledge of the Novalis platform.
• ACLS certification.
• Experience in highly specialized centers (IGRT, SRS/SBRT).
• Scientific production rated with the H-index.

The ideal candidate is familiar with 3D, IMRT/RapidArc/VMAT, IGRT, SRS/SBRT techniques, has a good knowledge of English, and has good teamwork and stress-management skills.

The workplace is in the Province of Avellino.

UPMC Italy reserves any and wider sole right of discretion in assessing the candidates and the eligibility of the applications.

Only applicants who are not in the conditions defined by paragraph 16-ter Art.53 of legislative decree N. 165/2001 and subsequent modifications and amendments may attend this selection (General Rules Governing the Work of Public Administrations http://www.upmcitaly.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Art-ENG.pdf).

After reading the privacy statement and authorizing the processing of their personal data, candidates of either sex (Law 196/2003) are requested to submit their on-line application stating the reference code at http://selezioni.upmcitaly.it. When filling out the on-line application form, candidates will be requested to attach their CV. Candidates are also requested to enclose a motivation letter and a list of their scientific publications. At the end of the on-line process, applicants will be requested to state, by means of self-declaration, that they possess the requisites listed under this call for applications.

All communications from UPMC Italy will be e-mailed to the address stated by the candidate upon submitting his/her application.

The deadline to submit the applications is November 27 2017.

Only applications submitted on-line (http://selezioni.upmcitaly.it) and that include a CV will be taken into consideration.

All applicants are obliged, at any time during the selection process, and if requested by UPMC Italy, to provide the documentation certifying the stated possession of the requisites within the requested deadline. Should any preliminary verification show a discrepancy with any statement of the applicant, the latter will be excluded from the selection process and any negotiation deemed permanently suspended.

Personal data included in the CV will be processed by UPMC Italy S.r.l. and ISMETT S.r.l. for selections for this or other similar positions. Candidates are requested to not include sensitive data (e.g. health status) unless strictly necessary. Detailed information also with reference to data storage times and rights recognized under Decree 196/2003, are available at www.upmcitaly.it and www.ismett.edu in the Job Opportunities section.