Diagnostic services

Imaging technology at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at San Pietro FBF includes a multi-slice CT scanner performing accurate diagnostic tests on all body areas. Computed tomography (CT) is a diagnostic imaging method using X-rays for patient body image acquisition. Multi-slice technology allows to simultaneously acquire images of different parts of the body, and perform an accurate and fast test. The CT scan available at UPMC San Pietro FBF is also particularly indicated for low-dose screening of patients undergoing tests several times a year, for children, or for women of childbearing age. The CT scan can be performed with or without contrast medium.

For more info on how to prepare for the test with contrast medium please download our brochure or contact UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at San Pietro FBF.

The following tests are available at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at San Pietro FBF:

– Dental scan
– Chest CT scan
– Mediastinum CT scan
– CT angiogram
– Cardiac CT scan
– CT urogram
– Vertebral district CT scan
– Brain CT scan
– Virtual colonoscopy (download the information leaflet)



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UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at San Pietro FBF offers innovative radiotherapy treatments and stereotactic radiosurgery with advanced protocols of care for patients with oncology diseases.


The Italian division of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with facilities in Rome (UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at San Pietro FBF, oncology radiotherapy and UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital UPMC), Palermo (ISMETT IRCCS, organ transplants and highly specialized therapies and Ri.MED Foundation, research), Chianciano Terme (UPMC Institute for Health, preventive medicine and Medical Gym), Mirabella Eclano (UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at Villa Maria, oncology radiotherapy).


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